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Slow Cooking

Slow Cooking


Our properly free-range chickens are grown slowly in the lush Devon valleys outside Cullompton, fed only on a mixture of grass and grain. Because they've had time to develop strong muscles, their meat tastes and feels like chicken should - with a traditional, deep flavour and a moist texture. Pipers Farm's chicken is of course ideal for slow cooking in casseroles or in the oven. Why not feed the family with amazingly tasty chicken thighs on the bone or use our ultra convenient ready-diced chicken in your casseroles...?

  • Sizes may vary due to the free range nature of our chickens.

    £ 0.95
  • We recommend 1 Thigh per portion.

    £ 4.50
  • Each pack weighs approximately 1kg. Approximately 10 wings per kg.

    £ 5.00
  • We recommend 1-2 drumsticks per portion.

    £ 3.95
  • Packed in 250g packs. We recommend 1-2 portions per 250g.

    £ 4.00