We control every step of the process when it comes to our Red Ruby Beef. We carefully choose the lineage of our cattle and breed our own herd of stunning Red Rubies.
Our slow growing, native Red Rubies are born in a totally natural environment on Exmoor, where this beautiful breed originates from. The mothers are used to the tough moorland grass and have been farmed traditionally in this part of the world for centuries. They have perfectly adapted to this part of the world. It is a joy to see this native beast grazing the moor.
Once the young stock have finished the natural resource of their mothers milk, at 8 months old, we bring them down to the lush grassy pastures of mid Devon, where they eat a balanced clover rich, grass foraged diet. Our Red Rubies are only ever eat mothers milk and pure natural grasses grown on our farms.
We slow grow our Red Rubies until they have reached natural maturity. Once our cattle have reached this point Peter and James will pick out each bullock or heifer, by hand to make sure they have reached perfection.
We use a small family run, farmyard based abattoir just 10 miles down the road from our farm. This is such an important step in the process as it ensures our stock never undergo any stress. We always stun every animal by hand.
We hang all of our Red Ruby Beef on the bone for four weeks, in time-honored fashion. This not only draws moisture out of the meat, so when you come to cook our Beef it does not shrink in the pan, but also the hanging process helps to develop a wonderful rich depth of flavour and beautifully tender meat.
You will notice that our Red Ruby Beef has a wonderful fine grained texture, plenty of natural marbling and a very rich beefy flavour.
Over the last 25 years we have picked up countless awards for our Red Ruby Beef.

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We nurture our slow grown animals in harmony with the environment, watch our introduction to Pipers Farm to discover more about what we do. 

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