Having grown up in Devon the countryside feels like home. I am incredibly passionate about this amazing resource we have all around us and protecting its future is paramount. It’s a passion shared with the whole team here at Pipers Farm.

From a young age I had a really keen interest in cooking, learning everything from my Granny and Mum who were both impressive in the kitchen.

Food to me is a great way of bringing people together, sharing and creating memories. My style of cooking tends to be big bowls of good wholesome food that gets passed around the table and heaped onto plates. Very informal, just good ingredients, lovingly prepared.

As Marketing Manager at Pipers Farm, you will mostly find me searching for the next big food trend and working out the best way to get our mission of eating well, seasonally and sustainably out to as many people as possible!

For all marketing, recipe, and farm related enquiries you can contact me at:  abby@pipersfarm.com or follow me via twitter @abbyallen