Making sure we have enough food for the future and looking after our planet for the next generation is so important to us as a business. Reducing our food waste is a key part of preserving a healthy and sustainable countryside. 

Did you know around 600,000 tonnes of rubbish a year goes into landfill in Devon alone? That’s the same weight as 7,6082 Jumbo jets!

Food waste is such a fabulous source of fuel. It creates energy as it rots to create power, and once the process is complete, compost to go back onto the land.

Pipers Farm is a zero to landfill business. Every week we separate our waste into items that can be recycled and items that are food waste that will head off to the bio digester to create power for the region. 

Not only do we work closely with zero to landfill heroes like Devon Contract Waste, we also do the following:

• We utilise the whole carcass. From turning offal into pet food, bones into stock, or fat into dripping. Nothing is wasted. We even provide local schools with weird and wonderful bits such as eyes and lungs for their Biology classes!

• We encourage you our customers to utilise ingredients in your cooking that could be seen as waste. We work hard to inspire and educate all our customers about the huge variety of cuts available.

• We work with restaurants like the River Cottage Canteens to help educate their team on how to utilise the whole carcass and cut down on waste.

• We use nature’s best preservative and freeze our food at the perfect moment to preserve it. 

• We package our items individually meaning you only ever have to take out what you need and leave the rest for another day. 

• We encourage you to be hands on with your food. It’s a wonder the human race managed to survive before the advent of the date sticker. Mostly we sniffed our food and decided whether to eat it or not. These days often food that is perfectly safe is thrown out because of a date label. Touch it, smell it, look at it, do not throw out good food. You can always call us if you are unsure. 

• We use minimal, recyclable, recycled and sustainable food packaging. We encourage you to reuse, recycle and relove your packaging. We also encourage our customers to give us any packaging back. 

Individually packed to
Eliminate Waste

Each item of meat is wrapped individually so that there is never any waste, being able to pull out exactly what you need and leaving the rest for another day. We have made it even easier.. simply drop one of our packs in cool water for 15 minutes and it is ready to cook, and all of our packaging is recyclable!

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