Every piece of beef and lamb that we sell is 100% grass fed for life. The only thing Pipers Farm cattle or lamb ever eat is mother's milk and grass.
We can offer this as we only farm native British breeds; suffolk lambs and traditional Devon Ruby cattle, which have been  bred over generations to happily gain weight on a diet of lush Devon grass. Farming in Devon, why would we chose to do anything else?
We exclusively breed and rear all the livestock we butcher, and therefore have total control of the process. We believe that 100% grass fed is the way that livestock should be raised, and we will never waiver from this – we simply do not believe ruminant animals should be fed grain or high-protein suppliments. To be called “grass fed” Defra requires that grass makes up 51% of an animal's diet. We don't think this goes far enough.
Producing livestock exclusively on a grass diet, as we do, is carbon negative, better for farm biodiversity, healthier to eat and, above all, it produces a sensational tasting piece of meat - which was the reason we started farming in the first place!
As ever, we offer total transparency to our customers, we'll open any door to anyone interested in knowing exactly where their meat comes from just contact us to arrange a farm visit.

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