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Multi Award winning

Pipers Farm's founders Peter and Henri Geig are presented with the winner's trophy at the Devon Life Awards 2015 and at the Countryside Alliance Awards 2012 with their sons Will and Ed.

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We're proud to have collected so many awards over the years.

This is a testimony to the strong values we hold and the hard work of our staff. Most importantly, our many accolades give you the assurance that the excellence of our meat is widely recognised within the food industry.

Click on a year to view the awards.

Sustainable Restaurant Association - Food Made Good Approved Supplier

2016 was such a busy year for us, we didn't have time to enter any competitions. However, click on a previous year to see all our other awards...

Great Taste Award - Shoulder of Lamb

Great Taste Award - Lamb Saddle Fillet

Great Taste Award - Saddleback Pork Leg

Best Butcher/Meat Producer Of The Year - Devon Life Food & Drink Awards 2015

Best Butcher/Meat Producer Of The Year - Devon Life Food & Drink Awards 2014

Great Taste Awards - Top 10 Products in the Country (out of 10,000 entries) - Saddleback Pork Belly

Great Taste Awards - Top 50 Food Products in the Country - Saddleback Pork Belly

Great Taste Awards - Best Speciality Product for the South West - Saddleback Pork Belly

Judges Comments

"As soon as we saw this pork our mouths were watering, it's outstanding in every way. Perfect crackling, melt in the mouth gorgeous. We wanted to keep the tray but sadly had to pass to the next table. Well done to a fantastic producer."

"Silky smooth fat and a great depth of flavour to both fat and meat. The crackling is ridiculously good. Great sweetness to the meat."

Chicken Thighs - Judges Comments

"A good texture, tender meat, which has caramelised really well in the pan - it has an excellent rounded flavour, rich and deep."

"Clean flavours to this chicken. Moist, tender, very good. Good flavour to the skin too..."

Red Ruby Rib of Beef - Judges Comments

"Good looking joint, with a good size and colour, a good proportion of fat to lean - and the fat is a very nice colour. It cuts beautifully. Enticing meaty aroma. Extremely tender, melts in the mouth, especially the fat. Good texture and muscle. Quite a subtle beef flavour but lasting and really delicious. Attractive joint, cuts well and has a very tender texture with a pleasing flavour."

Red Ruby Braising Beef - Judges Comments

"Good aroma and meltingly tender, well-flavoured beef; a good cut. The fat has dissolved to make the beef really soft and full of flavour."

Venison Haunch - Judges Comments

"Good texture, full rich flavour with excellent length."

Great Taste Award Winner

Leg of Lamb On the Bone - Judges Comments

"Lovely colour. The texture is moist and appealing."

"A really lamby flavour, suggesting that this is a mature animal with appropriate depth of flavour. Very tender, moist and flavoursome."

Beef Topside - Judges Comments

"A lovely piece of beef reminiscent of childhood Sunday lunches in Yorkshire and way beyond! Firm on the cut."

"Good long flavour that lingers on the palate. It was tender, juicy and succulent."

Beef Mince - Judges Comments

"Delicious beef aroma and rich texture. It is neither greasy nor pappy."

"Although it is well-hung it is not livery. It is even pleasant on its own! Delicious product in its own right, very well prepared."

Venison Saddle - Judges Comments

"As good a venison steak as you can get!"

Entrecote Steak - Judges Comments

"Wonderful appearance and appetising aroma, matched by its taste. Lovely texture. Good, lean cut"

Shoulder of Pork - Judges Comments

"Appetising appearance. Flavoursome fat and crackling. The flavour of the meat was full and thorough and the length was very good."

Best Local Food Producer for the UK & Ireland

Having been named regional champions, we were also presented with the National Award at the House of Lords.

Lamb Steaks - Judges Comments

"Good depth of flavour & rich fat flavour."

Back Bacon - Judges Comments

"Nice & thick and not watery. Ideal proportion of fat to meat."

"Good melting fat and firm texture with great mouth feel."

"Full bodied bacon flavour and not salty. Very tasty - the judges all wanted more."

Pork Loin - Judges Comments

"Fibrous, but tender and melt in the mouth."

Rump Steaks - Judges Comments

"Good dense red, unusual as has been butchered to have no fat."

"Nice firm meaty texture, but tender to bite."

"Excellent beef flavour, good length, lack of fat doesn't affect taste."

Love the Flavour - Gold Award 2011

The Devon Tourism Awards (in association with Food & Drink Devon) - 2 Gold Awards - Handmade Lamb & Mint Pie and Red Ruby Steaks.

The Times Awards - Top 10 Butchers

Taste of the West Retail Award 2011 - Silver in Local Retails Outlet category

The category recognises food shops who excel in offering local produce, along with superb standards of customer service and a good overall shopping experience.

Great Taste Award Winner 2011 - 2 Star Gold Award - Whole Plain Oven Ready Chicken.

Before any food was awarded 2 stars, at least 25 experts needed to reach unanimous agreement that the entry was absolutely stunning.

"Nice and succulent, melts in the mouth. Lovely flavour. Fantastic bird! " -

Great Taste Award Winner 2011 - 1 Star Gold Award - Ragù Bolognese

"Good aroma with complex notes of meat, herb and pepper. Meat is moist and tender, as are the vegetables. Overall flavour is good." -

Great Taste Award Winner 2011 - 1 Star Gold Award - Unsmoked Saddleback Ham

"Great appearance with a lovely deep layer of fat." -

Great Taste Award Winner 2011 - 1 Star Gold Award - Saddleback Pork Tenderloin

"Good clean aroma. Attractive pork flavour with good depth of flavour. Clean finish." -

Great Taste Award Winner 2011 - 1 Star Gold Award - Red Ruby Sirloin Steak

"Cuts well, good flavour." -

Great Taste Award Winner 2010 - 2 Star Gold Award - Lamb, Aubergine & Tomato with Couscous

Before any food was awarded 2 stars, at least 25 experts needed to reach unanimous agreement that the entry is absolutely stunning.

"Very tender, excellent quality lamb. Good spicing. For a ready meal, it's good quality, really well balanced. " -

Great Taste Award Winner 2010 - 1 Star Gold Award - Beef Stew with Herb Dumplings

"Attractive, chunky appearance. Good flavour to the beef, nicely sweet carrots. Good use of fresh herb in the dumplings. Subtle seasoning. Excellent for a ready meal." -

Great Taste Award Winner 2010 - 1 Star Gold Award - Lamb & Mint Pie

"Good-looking pie. Golden top and bottom. Good smell of lamb and mint. Good thin pastry that's crisp. Well filled with tender lamb with good flavour." -

One of Rick Stein's Food Heroes - Meat Section

"Dedicated to supplying excellent quality produce" - Rick Stein

Taste of Excellence Award 2009 - Red Ruby Beef

House of Commons - Food and Farming Industry Awards

Great Taste Award Winner 2009 - Gold Award for Lamb Burgers

National Winners for Best Rib of Beef at The Royal Smithfield Awards 2009

Taste of the West Awards 2009 - Red Ruby Lean Beef Mince

"Scrupulously trimmed of any gristle and with just the right amount of fat. No shrinkage and full of flavour."

Taste of the West Awards 2009 - Venison Saddle

"As good a venison steak as you can get!"

Taste of the West Awards 2009 - Red Ruby Silverside of Beef

"Versatile boneless joint with a thin layer of natural fat cover."

Pipers Farm Red Ruby Beef is the Main Ingredient of World Cup Winning Sandwich

"I think to take the Red Ruby Beef to the very best chefs that France has and to win in Paris, their own backyard, is something very special..."

Countryside Alliance Award

"Pipers Farm won the enterprise award because of its support of traditional farming methods combined with a modern day approach..."

Winner of the BBC Radio 4 Food And Farming Awards 2007 - Best Food Producer

"Pipers Farm meat combines everything that I look for – it comes from contented animals that have been well cared for, it’s hung, trimmed and prepared with dedicated expertise, and above all it tastes marvellous." - Sophie Grigson, Chair of the judges BBC Food & Farming Awards 2007

Taste of the West Awards 2008 - Red Ruby Steak Burgers

"Made with just lean, minced Red Ruby beef, onion, tomatoes and seasoning."

Taste of the West Awards 2008 - Chicken Breasts

"Wonderful texture and depth of flavour."

Winner of the Devon Life Food And Drink Awards 2007 - Best Butcher/Meat Producer

"Like many of the other nominees, the Devon Life Food and Drink Awards are not the only ones that winners can list on their CVs. Peter and Henrietta Grieg can hold up an entire roll call of anyone who is anyone in the food and drink industry nationally to support what their customers have known for a long time - Piper's Farm supplies exceptional meat and meat products, produced and prepared the natural way."

Taste Of The West Awards 2007 - Silver Award in the Local Retail Outlet Category

Taste Of The West Awards 2007 - Lamb Burgers

Taste Of The West Awards 2007 - Shoulder of Pork

"Appetising appearance. Flavoursome fat and crackling. The flavour of the meat was full and thorough and the length was very good."

BBC Radio 4 Food And Farming Awards 2002 - Farming Today Award Finalist

"They specialise in ‘slow growing old-fashioned’ breeds and market the meat by emphasising taste and quality." - BBC Radio 4

NFU President's Award 2000

Caroline Walker Trust Award - For the improvement of public health through good food.

British Meat Awards 1998 - In association with Good Housekeeping 

Best Butcher 1996/97 - Henrietta Green's Food Lovers' Guide

"The quality of whatever I tried was first-rate... you will get your taste reward" - Henrietta Green

Food & Drink Awards 1995

"Wonderful depth of flavour..." - Michael Barry of Food & Drink

Food Lovers' Guide Rosette 1996 - Best Butcher

"They still rank among the prize winners for their consistently high quality." - Judges' comments

"Since first discovering Pipers Farm several years ago, I have come to know Peter and Henrietta Greig well. I have nothing but admiration for their business and have experienced nothing but pleasure from their produce." - Henrietta Green, national food campaigner, broadcaster and journalist.