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'The Olympic Feast' Box

We've partnered up with Olympic gold medal winner and GB hockey player Shona McCallin MBE to bring you her signature meat box, The Olympic Feast so you too can feast like an Olympian!

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The Olympic Feast Meat Box includes:

6x Handmade Venison Sausages 
500g Red Ruby Lean Beef Mince
500g Free Range Lean Turkey Mince
2x Properly Free Range Chicken Breasts
1x Properly Free Range Duck Breast
4x Grass Fed Lamb Steaks
250g Red Ruby Beef Stir Fry
4x Saddleback Unsmoked Gammon Steaks

Shona, what's in your meat box and why?
A wide selection of meats. This is because it's very important for me to have a varied diet, for my training and for me to continue to enjoy my food. I have lots of leaner meats such as chicken, turkey and lean beef mince, and also some other meats which bring a lot of protein and flavour such as lamb for a hearty lamb stew and gammon for lots of protein. I also have some venison sausages and duck breast. 

What’s your message to those that buy your meat box?
Enjoy the healthy variety of meat. Eating is such an important part of the day so it's important you enjoy what you eat and enjoy making and trying new things.

Why did you choose Pipers Farm?
Their vision and values are in line with mine. Creating long-lasting sustainable partnerships, focussing on quality rather than quantity, enjoying and promoting meat-free days now and again and also the fact Pipers run Slow Food events to try and educate people regarding nutrition, which I think is great.

If you'd like to know more about Shona's relationship with food, read her extended interview.

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