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Choose whether you would like your pig in one piece for you to butcher at home, or if you'd prefer for us to butcher it for you.

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£ 160.00

If you're a fan of our Saddleback pork, buying half a pig is a great way to get a bit of everything, including some cuts you may not be so familiar with. If you're keen to try your hand at butchering it yourself, we're happy to deliver it in one piece. Otherwise, our skilled butchery team will prepare it for you. From belly to trotters, leg to loin, sausages to steaks - just choose how you'd like it done. At Pipers Farm we really believe that if we slaughter an animal we should make use of every piece - we're glad that you share our 'whole carcass' philosophy.

The Wessex Saddleback pig is one of Britain's most readily recognised native breeds. With their floppy ears and trademark black-and-white markings they've had a place on traditional mixed farms in the west country for centuries. All of our pork comes from either pure Saddlebacks or Saddleback-Welsh crosses - they're well suited to Devon's climate and grow slowly, producing a carcass that has the perfect balance of fat and meat. Many industrial pigs are bred to be super-lean, as we've been told for so long that fat is bad for us. In reality, fat from healthy, pastured, free range pork is beneficial. And it's also delicious - adding sweetness and succulence to our distinctive pork.

Like all of Pipers Farm meat, your half pig will have been hung to maximise both taste and texture. After 3 weeks in a temperature-controlled environment, the carcass will have lost some moisture, intensified in flavour and become remarkably tender. Once your half pig has been butchered, you'll be able to compare the flavours and textures of each individual cut: from finely grained tenderloin to robust shoulder. And if you want to go super-traditional, make some real old-fashioned brawn from the head.

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