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Leg of Pork Stuffed with Apricot & Hazelnuts

We recommend 4-5 portions per kg.

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If you're looking for a super-special roasting joint, packed with flavour but with no hassle, Pipers Farm leg of pork stuffed with apricot and hazelnut is ideal. Our butchers have carefully deboned the pork leg and filled it up with our home-made, all-natural stuffing. With the skin scored and ready to be transformed into the very best crackling the whole joint is neatly re-tied - all you need do is pop it into the oven. Our gluten-free stuffing contains apricots, hazelnuts, apples, onions and herbs. The addition of our secret ingredient - salt beef - gives the stuffing a distinctive and very moreish flavour. One slice really won't be enough.

Native breeds are important to us at Pipers Farm, which is why all of our pork comes from Saddleback or Saddleback-Welsh cross pigs. These old-fashioned breeds are well used to our climate, so they can live outdoors for most of the year. Slow growth means the pigs have time to convert their diet of pasture, local grains and roots to the perfect balance of meat and fat. After slaughter at a local abattoir, we hang our pork carcasses in a temperature-controlled environment for 3 weeks. This means every cut is tender, packed with flavour and won't shrink in the oven.

How to prepare pork leg stuffed with apricot and hazelnut

To make sure you get the very best crackling, give your stuffed pork leg a good 15-minute blast in the oven at 240ºC before reducing the temperature to 180ºC and cooking for a further 30 minutes per kilo. Once the cooking time is up, let the joint rest for 20 minutes. At 60ºC to 65ºC the pork will be perfect, succulently cooked. Bear in mind that during the resting time the joint will continue to cook in its own latent heat, so you can remove it from the oven at 55ºC and still have perfectly cooked meat after resting.

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