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Diced Beef Shin

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We recommend 2 portions of Diced Shin per 250g, depending on your recipe. 

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Our Diced Shin is the perefct cut to use for a really long slow cook.

Diced Shin melts perfectly during slow-cooking, leaving the meat so tender you can cut it with a spoon.

Suitable for a long slow cook, ideally 5-8 hours. For a shorter cook you will need our Braising Beef.

Whether it's a slow cooker or the gentle heat of a low oven, just leave your Diced Shin to bubble away slowly all day while you're out. Better still, make it a day or two ahead to allow the flavours to develop and intensify each time it's reheated.

Our Diced Shin is full of character and will have gelatinous bits of meat, cooked long and slow in plenty of liquid these will melt and give you a wonderful rich sauce.

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