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3 for 2 Offers

3 for 2 Offers

We have specially selected delicious 3 for 2 offers for you to enjoy each month. 

This month we have a few simple tips and tricks to make your Sunday roast reach rave reviews. This month we have put together a selection of our favourite 'trimmings' on offer at 3 for 2:

Make the most delicious gravy with our natural stocks and a blob of chutney or marmalade. 

Use our lardo to make the most mouth-watering roast potatoes.

Make seasonal stuffings with our gluten free sausage meat.

Serve up our pork and apple chipolatas alongside your roast to feed a hungry crowd. 

  • Our sausagemeat is packed in 500g packs.

    £ 4.50
  • Approximately 250g.

    £ 2.50
  • We recommend 2-3 Pork and Apple Sausages per portion depending on appetite.

    £ 6.00
  • Each pouch contains 500ml.

    £ 3.75