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Health & Wellness Meat Boxes

Health & Wellness Meat Boxes

Our selection of healthy Meat Boxes contains only 100% natural, free-range, purely grass-fed meat. 

Our healthy meat boxes are packed full of grass-fed meat from our, Red Ruby beef and Suffolk lamb, as well as lean cuts from our properly free-range birds and  Saddleback pigs - all slowly grown at their natural pace, without the aid of any preservatives or any other nasties.

Our burgers and sausages contain only our slow grown meat, salt and pepper and herbs. Our sausages and burgers are completely gluten free and do not contain any preservatives or chemicals.

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    Designed for fitness lovers, the Fitness Box is packed full of protein to help build and repair muscle. Our properly slow-grown, purely grass-fed, lean meat is perfect for those following a high-protein or a Paleo diet.

    £ 45.00 £ 40.00
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