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5 ways to reuse your Pipers Farm box

5 ways to reuse your Pipers Farm box

By Karina Scriven
03, July 2018

After your order has arrived you may be wondering what to do with your Pipers Farm box. Fear not, we've listed our favourite ways in which to re-use them.

With so much in this world being thrown away reusing and repurposing what you have to hand can create you some wonderfully useful items and allows you to have fun at the same time.

Like all our packaging, we have carefully chosen a box material that causes our environment minimal impact. All our boxes are made locally from FSC certified and certified recycled corrugated card. With good durability, we encourage you to reuse your Pipers Farm box, and when it's finally unusable to repurpose it into something new. 

Muddy boot holder

If you're anything like us, our beloved wellie boots more often than not are caked in mud, there's nothing better than a country walk but knowing where to pop your boots when you are back at the car can be a little annoying. Chop the lid off the box and pop in your boot then store the muddy boots inside. Keeping your boot free from mud and dried dirt. 

Make a pet bed

Why not try making your best friend their very own eco-friendly slumber box (depending on what size dog, or cat you have). Using your wool pouch, remove the filling and set aside, (recycle the plastic outer bag), then use the wool in some heavy weight fabric to sew together to form a simple pillow. Cut the lid off the box and measure the size you'll need. Once made simply place the pillow inside the box for a super cosy place for those much-loved pets.

DIY Sledge

With the beast from the east gripping us tight in a winters embrace at the beginning of the year, catching us off guard with the vast amount of snow fallen, those of us that didn't have a handy sledge to hand had to improvise. Cue the Pipers Farm box. With a couple of holes made in one side with some rope looped through and fashioned into a simple handle, we kept the little ones entertained but pulling them over the icy crust and snow, up and down the hills and the lanes creating hours of fun.

Suppress weeds

Simply cut to size around your beds and give a good soak. Add a layer of soil on top to hide the cardboard and you shouldn't get many of those annoying weeds popping up to say hello. Alternatively you could also place the box into the soil and then grow mint within it. The sides of the boxes will help to contain it whilst it grows into a nice compact rectangular shape.

Gift Hampers and Treasure boxes

Wicker hampers can be expensive to buy even before you have bought the presents to go within it. You could paint the box and then fill with goodies for loved ones or decorate it with wrapping paper or use a glue gun to fix some rope around the edges to give a rustic and charming look. You could also decorate the box with your little ones to create a treasure chest for a really handy place to store their toys, art materials or even their very own play farm. What kid doesn't like a box to play with after all? 

If you have any other useful tips for reusing and repurposing yours, we would love to hear them. Email them over to us at

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