A Collaborative Supper with The Ethicurean

A Collaborative Supper with The Ethicurean

By Abby Allen
26, April 2018

Yesterday we were humbled. Humbled by the incredible talent and passion that lives within the grounds of an old walled garden just outside of Bristol. 

We have been working with the talented team at The Ethicurean for a few years, supplying them with simple ingredients to turn into something magical. With a sense of likemindedness, it felt like a natural fit to host a collaborative supper, a real celebration of Spring. 

The Ethicurean Restaurant is founded on 'a sense of place'. This is the idea of having a connection with the native land, the community who grow seasonal food upon it, preparations with harmonious flavours and the understanding of its history.

As many of you know at Pipers Farm we champion farming in way that works in harmony with nature, turning the clock back and growing native breeds just like our great-grandparents would recognise.

Producing food isn’t always straightforward and it isn’t always glamorous, but working with good people like Matthew, Iain and their brilliant team makes it all worthwhile. Especially when that means sharing good company and good food, in one of the most special locations in the South West!

We feasted on an incredible menu crafted by Head Chef Simon and his team:

  • Duck fat & cardamom sherbert
  • Lamb koftas & walled garden mint
  • Yellow scotch egg & fermented mustard 
  • Duck breast & fermented, soured & roasted beetroot, cashew & oat granola
  • Smoked bacon panna cotta & honeycomb caramel sauce

"In our kitchen garden restaurant, we give respect to the local produce grown here and sourced locally by using flavour combinations that have been partners for centuries. We look for ways to update and innovate historical recipes that highlight the bounteous nature of our land."

Yesterday felt like a fitting celebration of a very special partnership and friendship. 

A Collaborative Supper with The Ethicurean from Pipers Farm on Vimeo.


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