A letter from Peter & Henri

A letter from Peter & Henri

The eve of the biggest day of the year is upon us. Homes across the land are busily adorning the last decorations and preparing for the feast ahead, to the sound of jolly tunes and the aroma of festive cheer filling the air.

We started Pipers Farm more than 30 years ago, with a mission and passion within us to farm in harmony with nature. This year has certainly been full of reminders that Mother Nature is the most important force in our farming lives. The pictures of our Red Rubies dancing in the snow, and Fly confronting the freezing beast from the East was an example of great teamwork here at the farm!

But for us, it says a lot about our roots and the foundation of Pipers Farm.

Our Native breeds have evolved over many generations to withstand the forces of nature. And the farming families who look after the livestock have handed their lifetimes of experience down through many generations.

Both of these are principles that we strongly believe in.

One of the highlights of our year was taking Mark and Hannah to the Great Taste Awards, where we won the Golden Fork for our Saddleback steaks.

The amazing flavour was recognised by the judges, in the same way that we have deep respect for the commitment and hard work of Mark and his family in looking after the pigs, day in day out, come freezing snow or scorching sunshine!

True sustainability depends on the next generation of young farming families working to produce food in harmony with Mother Nature.

For us it is really exciting and rewarding to see young farming families grasping the opportunity that Pipers Farm offers them, to produce food that gives real pleasure and healthy nourishment to you our customers.

So a big Thank You to you, for all your custom over the years.

It is a vital ingredient of our vision, and we hope that the Pipers Farm ingredients you have on your table help you to have a very Happy Christmas.

As we celebrate our family Christmas (with our first grandson!), we will raise a glass to you, and we look forward to the joys and challenges of the farming year ahead, whatever it might bring.

With our best wishes to you all for 2019.

Peter & Henri

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