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Christmas Dinner for the Turkey Dodgers - Alternative Meat Ideas

Christmas Dinner for the Turkey Dodgers - Alternative Meat Ideas

By Rachel Lovell
19, November 2019

Have you ever considered anything other than turkey as the star of your Christmas table? This beautiful bird is the no-brainer centrepiece in so many ways – it feeds a crowd and its downright festive feel gets those Christmas vibes flowing. But it’s not without its stresses and when pushed, many people eat it out of tradition rather than what really pleases their palate.

We’ve been getting meat on Christmas tables across the country for over 30 years so we’ve learned a few things about what makes the big day special. And it definitely does not have to be turkey every time! Here are our suggestions:

Rib of Beef

Stunning and indulgent, our Red Ruby rib of beef on the bone evokes a real sense of old-fashioned feasting and is probably the most impressive of all beef cuts. If you're looking for a knock-out celebration centrepiece, this will take centre stage. Ours have plenty of fat running through the joint to keep it soft, and it has been hung on the bone for an old-fashioned depth of flavour that can only be described as 'properly beefy'. Order your rib of beef here.


Glorious Goose

You cannot get much more traditional than a plump goose and the most wonderful crispy roast potatoes. Our birds live a truly free-range life grazing the fields on small-scale family farms in the westcountry, and are dry plucked by hand (this helps ensure you get a crisp skin) and hung in time-honoured fashion for 12 days to develop a wonderful depth of flavour. They come complete with their giblets, so you can make delicious stocks and gravy. Overall goose has a rich, lingering flavour, which makes for a proper festive feast. Order your whole truly free-range goose here.


Whole Duck

Because of the higher levels of fat ducks inherently have, they feel like more of a luxurious treat than chicken and are a good size if you are feeding a smaller crowd at Christmas. Our slowly grown birds have had a truly free-range life, helping them develop has just the right amount of delicious fat so you’ll get tender, flavourful meat and skin that crisps perfectly. We hang our ducks for a week to further develop a depth of flavour and enhance the delicious texture of the meat. Order your truly free-range whole duck here.


Saddleback Loin of Pork

This special award-winning joint is the perfect choice for carving generous slices. Our Saddleback loin of pork has a delicate fine-grained texture with a more-ish depth of flavour. Perfect for those who prefer slightly less fat with their roast but enjoy a good amount of crunchy crackling. The beautiful colour brings just enough theatre to the table so it feels special for Christmas. "A piece of pork so intensely good, it almost has narcotic properties!" Rose Prince, The Telegraph. Order your Saddleback loin of pork here.


Venison Saddle

This is a truly sensational cut and a very special winter treat. With a fine-grained texture and rich rounded depth of flavour, a little saddle of venison goes a long way. It is a lean meat with a slightly stronger flavour, and is best cooked relatively fast and given time to rest before serving rare. Venison saddle goes wonderfully well with fruity wintry sauces, like blackberries and sloes or classic Cumberland sauce. Our venison is fallow and red deer from an ancient parkland near our farm. Slow-grown to natural maturity on the parkland pastures, the deer graze under the dappled shade of the ancient trees. Order your parkland saddle of venison here.

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