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Five Gorgeous Kitchen & Homeware Christmas Gifts You’ll Want for Yourself

Five Gorgeous Kitchen & Homeware Christmas Gifts You’ll Want for Yourself

By Rachel Lovell
12, November 2020

 As we all know, Christmas is a time of giving. Whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, be sure to include Pipers Farm in your gift-giving activities. We've put together a list of five gorgeous Kitchen & Homeware christmas gifts that you might want to squirrel away for yourself. For the foodie in your family, choose from our range of the finest handpicked foodie treats that will spoil your special someone. Guaranteed to be so much better than a pair of socks! 

Beautiful French knives that cut it

There is something entirely satisfying about a well-made knife in a busy kitchen. With fine-grained honey toned Beech wood handles and hand-sharpened blades, these Opinel knives are a pleasure to work with. Made by the same family business for 130 years they will last a lifetime…but don’t put them in the dishwasher! We’ve curated a gifting collection that has something for everyone, whether they are butchery, bakery, foraging or general kitchen fanatics. They Carving knife set is especially handy for Christmas Day! Shop here.


Lasting handspun iron pans

These handcrafted black iron pans deserve their reputation for outstanding, lasting cookware that cooks evenly. Netherton Foundry is a family run business inspired by the Shropshire Iron Masters of the 18th and 19th Centuries, crafting kitchen pans using traditional ironmongery processes. Importantly they are finished without the use of chemical coatings such as PTFE and PFOA so do not have the health dangers associated with high temperature cooking. Instead their bowls and pans are pre-seasoned with natural organic flax oil, which creates a durable, non-greasy coating that bonds to the iron, and a seasoned finish that becomes smoother and glossier with use. They really are beautiful and a pleasure to cook with. Properly cared for, they will last a lifetime. Take a look here.


Tactile artisan mugs & plates

Wrapping your fingers around a steaming mug with a story behind it somehow makes a morning cuppa all the more restorative. We took that notion and ran with it when sourcing our new ceramic collection, and are delighted with who we are working with. Lavender Blue Pottery in based in a little studio in east Devo, where ceramicist Hannah uses Cornish clay to craft, in her own words, “shapes and colours that felt like peace, like home, calm and simplicity. A beloved piece of pottery can become like an old friend and what a wonderful thing that I get to create the possibility of that in what I do.” This collection or plates, tumblers, bowls, mugs and jugs are pleasing, weighty pieces that sing of individuality, in subtle hues of blue, grey and white. A really elegant, natural gift. Explore the collection here.


Handmade natural candles

Cosy up nooks with the glow of candlelight and fill your home with warming, natural scents with our collection of candles. From wonderfully floral and fruity to earthy and rustic, there is something for any candle lover. First off there’s hand-dipped 100% beeswax candles created by the wonderful Ted Thompson in Cumbria. He started out in the mid-eighties dipping beeswax candles in an old oil drums in a Nissen hut and still uses traditional methods today, though his workshop is a little more modern! You can also choose naturally scented candles from St Eval in Cornwall, which are hand poured into rustic sand-dipped pots in natural earthy tones. Perfect for a spot of reflection and rejuvenation this Christmas. Choose your natural candles here.


Sustainable wooden boards

We think it is worth making the workhorses of the kitchen a little bit special. After all, if you use them every day, why not ensure you get a little pleasure out of it? Chopping boards are the unsung heroes of most kitchens, so we’ve brought together a set of sustainable options to see you through from breakfast to dinner, from kitchen to table. Hand made by artisans in India from sustainably harvested mango wood, these natural boards are durable and packed with character. Perfect for prepping or rustic on-table serving alike. Take a look at the collection.

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