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July on the farm

July on the farm

By Karina Scriven
18, June 2018

July is a wonderful month full of vibrancy. The fields are lush with vegetation, long grasses sway in the gentle breeze and wildflowers add pops of bright colours, with red poppies, sapphire blue cornflowers and beautiful meadowsweet triumphantly dancing along the hedgerows as we walk by. 

We are now in no doubt deep into the depths of the summer. Nothing beats a great dose of vitamin D, a summer's stroll along the lanes is wonderful for the soul. To switch off from modern tech and connect with our surroundings. The lanes here are so peaceful, so vastly contrasted to the M5 that hums lower down in the valley. We meander along the lane, we hear the bees bumbling around overhead, with the air heavy in pollen. Foxgloves are growing along the banks, a metre tall with little bonnets delicately clinging on, whilst eager honey bees and damsel flys stop for a spot of rest. 

Up in the top fields, the Red Rubies mob graze, chowing down on the deep luscious greenery. Growing in harmony with nature. High above a buzzard soars, there is so much life here on the farm, a unique biodiverse landscape. It is simply a joy to farm here. 

Pipers Farm Lanes



This month our July meat box is packed full of delicious cuts of meat that are perfect for midweek meals. With chicken drumsticks, steak burgers and our delicious 'Every Day' steaks, which are superb for dinners in a flash.  We're also including two of our delicious properly free range duck breasts, which are simply stunning pan-fried until the skin is crispy and the meat blushing pink. Served thinly sliced and placed on top of a pea shoot and radish salad makes a beautiful light and flavoursome summer lunch.


Pipers Farm Properly Free Range Duck Breasts



This July we are also celebrating the humble sausage with 15% off. A staple in most homes that is wonderfully versatile for creating so many dishes. Our all natural sausages are also gluten-free and are packed full of flavour. From Breakfast sausages that are epic in fry-ups to Chicken sausages that are mighty for mid-week meals which the kids will love there's plenty to choose from. 


Pipers Farm Natural Gluten-free sausages



Our BBQ meat boxes come with all you need to create an epic feast, with classic burgers and sausages to wings and ribs. It'll have your loved ones huddled around the BBQ eager in anticipation. We've also created a handy guide for you over on our recipe blog with our Top Tips for hosting an epic BBQ.


BBQ Tips

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