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By Abby Allen
19, February 2018

March, Springs first signal of its impending arrival. With the garden gently coming into bloom, colours that haven't been seen for months start to appear. Chicken, now growing vociferously, tell us more still and ducklings now seen quacking on ponds echo the welcome sounds of Spring. 

With lengthening days demand lighter fare and more elegant too with the flourish of colour peeping through the soil. Patience though, for asparagus and radish are just around the corner. Now, we'll do well to bring a creative flair to the last of the winter veg; leeks, chicory and celeriac will likely be gone soon.

Summer is still tantalisingly far away but we still have our canned sunshine. Preserves like piccalilli from last years harvest, piled high enough to brighten any day, smothered on the side of homemade pork rillettes create unfussy food at its best. Or marmalade bejewelled gammon baked in the oven for family feasting making perfect sandwich fodder for the week to come. A chilli kick in a sizzling stir-fry to fool us that heat is already here. 

This March we're serving up lighter fodder, but not forgetting the chill that still exists. Nourishment is still required for now. 

March Meat Box

Our March Meat Box is full of tempting cuts to create lighter healthier meals in a flash. From characterful Red Ruby Feather steaks to sizzling chicken stir-fry, this month we've even squeezed in an indulgent roasting joint of Saddleback pork to help you make the most of weekend feasting.

Spring Box

Our Spring Box contains a delicious selection of flavour-packed nourishing ingredients designed to create wholesome nutritious meals. Enjoy our handpicked selection of quick-cooking ingredients to help you eat well this Spring. 

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