May on the farm

May on the farm

By Karina Scriven
02, May 2018

May, the month in which the true start of summer begins. Thankfully the soil has now warmed, the hedgerows are filled with luscious greenery and colours are popping up all around, the meadows on which are Red Rubies graze are a wash with clovers and buttercups. The birds are signing delightedly high above and the swallows have arrived and have begun nesting in our stable building. 

New Arrivals 

HQ has been awash with new arrivals. Mostly the four-legged kind. 

The first bunch to arrive on the farm were seven stunning Red Rubies, bred by our friend Derrick, just south of Wellington. After a short trip through the Devon lanes to our farm, this bunch of 24-month-olds were ready to get stuck into our lush clover-rich pasture. With another 9-10 months of growing yet to be done, this bunch will see out the Summer and Winter at Pipers Farm HQ. 

Following along behind the teenagers were a gaggle of 9 month Devons, a little skittish, this bunch are the youngest Devons we've had on the farm in a while. With gangly limbs, not quite fully under control, it's a joy to see the young herd skipping through the buttercup strewn meadows. 

Rivaling the young Devons in the cuteness stakes is our latest litter of Saddleback pigs. At just four weeks old with rounded tummies and curious gazes, the newest inhabitants of the old orchard have stolen the hearts of all who visit HQ. 

Beyond the Hedgerow

The first day of the month marked the start of our farm tours and firepit suppers. A wonderful evening of great food, great company and great talk. It was a lovely evening with the light lasting long enough for us to really feel summer had begun. 

We run these on the first Tuesday evening of the month from now until September. Come along and join us on our next one on the 5th June where we'll take you for a trip around our farm and cook you some delicious food.

Book your tickets. 

Lazy Breakfasts

This month we are celebrating long lazy breakfasts. As the weather has turned kinder we have been enjoying breakfast outside, taking our time to cook, eat and indulge in plenty of vitamin D.

For the whole of May find our favourite breakfast items including; back bacon, natural pork sausages, breakfast sausages and hogs pudding all at 15% off. 

Check out all this months offers. 

The Future of Meat at Hay Festival

Later in the month join us as we take the stage at world-renowned Hay Festival to discuss and debate the future of meat.

Global meat consumption is on an unhealthy trajectory. Short of cutting meat out of our diet entirely, from mega-farms to self-sufficiency, chicken sheds to free-range and organic we discuss the options available and their pros and cons.

The BBC Food Programme presenter Dan Saladino talks with Louise Gray, author of The Ethical Carnivore, Joanna Blythman from the Sustainable Food Trust and author of Swallow This and our very own Peter Greig.

Book your tickets here.

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