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Meet the producer: Quicke's

Meet the producer: Quicke's

By Rachael Kinsella
08, March 2021

There's no shortcut to making clothbound cheese like Quicke’s. Using age-old techniques passed down from the generations before, Quicke’s respect and nurture their land and herd to craft award-winning cheese that celebrates the deep connection that has grown between the family and the land that they have farmed for almost 500 years.  

Quicke's cheese

They have been crafting clothbound cheese in their beautiful corner of Devon ever since the agricultural surplus problems of the 1970s when milk prices were falling. It was in 1972 that the late Sir John and Lady Prue Quicke decided to build a new cheese room and the first cheeses appeared a year later - a unique and delicious artisan product, quite unlike the bland cheddar that farmers had made during the World Wars. 

Quicke's cheese

Today it is their daughter Mary Quicke at the helm of the business, known fondly in the cheese world as the ‘Queen of Cheese’, Mary is inextricably linked to the land and the herd. Crafting outstanding cheese is her passion and she remains heavily involved at every stage of the cheesemaking process - from checking the dairy cows to attending every grading and tasting all the cheeses to make sure each new batch is as excellent as the last. 

At every stage of the cheeses creation Mary and her team strive for greatness, they use their years of experience and skills to distinguish the flavour profiles of their cheese, to the capture the best expression of the grass, soils and seasons.

Quicke's cheese

Their cows graze the luscious Devon pastures with a carefully managed grazing system to ensure the cows get very best grass. Not far from the milking parlour is the Cheese Dairy where the cheese is handmade and wrapped in muslin, allowing them to breathe as they mature  slowly in the cool quiet of the cheese stores for up to two years, developing a deeply satisfying flavour. They are turned every 10 days to maintain an even texture and it is here that the wonderful rind develops, creating a rich, flavour under the rind - one of the distinguishing hallmarks of Quicke’s cheese.

Their cheeses are a true reflection of the Quicke’s cheesemaking heritage.

You can follow Quicke's cheese at @quickescheese.

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