Home smoked bacon

Home smoked bacon

Let's face it, nothing really is better than the smell of bacon. Crisped up to perfection and cushioned in a bap with a slathering of butter, just thinking about it makes your mouth water.

We are super excited about the farms latest arrival, our very own smoker!

Preserving food in traditional ways is of key importance to us, smoking was a necessity back in days gone by, helping to preserve food for another day. The added benefit of this way of preserving food is imparting that delicious smoky flavour that we all know and love.

Cheap bacon is really not bacon at all. Industrialised farming has created a Frankenstein product that tricks the consumer into thinking they're eating bacon, they're not. Chemicals that fake smoke as well as water, are pumped into the loin and back cuts before being sliced into those familiar looking rashers.

We traditionally cure our Saddleback bacon and then air dry it for a week, this reduces water and further develops a firm texture that doesn't flinch and curl up when you fry it in the pan or leach white slime everywhere. The difference is so clear to see. 

All of our bacon comes from our native Wessex Saddleback pigs, grown on the lush fields here in Devon, living in family groups, foraging and snaffling windfalls, acorns or rooting up leftover veg crops.

Our Saddleback bacon has won an array of awards including Great Taste 3 star gold and Top 50 foods in the UK. Here's what the judges had to say:

“A really gloriously aspected joint with an unctuous layer of fat. The aroma is of 'hard smoke' but the smokiness and brine are well integrated throughout. We found this unusual, well achieved, indulgent and irresistible.”

“A handsome looking piece of pork, good golden colour and decent bands of fat and lean meat. The flavour is smokey, sweet, rich and melt in the mouth. Superb bands of fat which are rich and creamy. The pork is tender and beautifully cured. There is no wetness here - just rich succulence. A wonderful cut of pork and wonderfully handled.”

“Exceptional smoked belly pork with a perfect level of smokiness, the meat and fat are beautifully proportioned and balanced and simply melt in the mouth. A really outstanding joint of meat.”

“What a wonderful piece of meat. The smoking is just perfect providing a beautiful sweetness and flavour. The fat melts in the mouth and the meat is tender and juicy. Beautifully balanced in salt levels. Just wonderful.”

Saddleback bacon

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