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September on the farm

September on the farm

By Karina Scriven
20, August 2018

September is the month that marks the arrival of Autumn, the luscious foliage turning to glorious golden hues, beautiful bronzes and rich reds that create a stunning scene across the land. September is the harvest month, the time to gather, to preserve and to prosper, in pantry filled shelves of bountiful jellies and chutneys, the perfect accompaniments to many a dish. 

This month we are celebrating the season with 15% off our entire range of Properly Free Range Duck. Rich in flavour, duck is a wonderful thing to eat at this time of year. Paired with foraged blackberries reduced into a sticky glaze and served with fresh greens and potatoes is one of our favourite ways to eat it. Or gather loved ones and roast our Great Taste Award winning duck, with skin crisped to golden perfection. Shredded and served with wraps, homemade hoisin and cucumber, is a sensational way to spend a Saturday evening. 

Duck 15% off

Abergavenny Food Festival

This September we are sponsoring the famous Abergavenny Food Festival. We've teamed up with our friends at River Cottage to host a jam-packed schedule full of awesome tutorials with River Cottage's famous tutors. Join Gill Meller and learn how to make flatbreads over woodfire, Naomi Devlin will be showing you how to make gut-friendly ferments, and our very own Peter Greig will be teaming up with meat-master Steven Lamb to show you how to butcher your own pig. 

You can also see Peter talk about 'Resilient Farming in Volatile Times' along with Rob Yorke, Guy Watson of Riverford, Simon Crichton of Triodos, Gabriel Kaye from the Biodynamic Land Trust and Jez Fredenburgh from Farmer’s Weekly.

Peter will also be 'having a rant' on industrial farming as part of Rude Health's stage. And we'll be hosting a meat masterclass cookery course where you'll learn how to butcher a chicken. You can book your place here.

Abergavenny food festival is on 15th-16th September. You can find all the information on events and ticket booking here. 

New Seasonal Meat Boxes

We're welcoming September in with delicious wholesome cuts of meat which are perfect for mid-week meals and weekend gatherings, helping you to have all you need to hand ready in your freezer for those shorter days and longer nights. 

Autumn Meat Box

Our Autumn Meat Box is filled with wonderful cuts that make sublime comforting favourites, such as our grass-fed beef mince, ideal for cooking up cottage pies, spaghetti bolognaise and chilli con carnes, classic dishes that are guaranteed to make everyone smile. Our Autumn Meat Box is on offer at £55. You can find what's included here.

Slow Cooking Meat Box

Time is key in the kitchen, at this time of the year slow cooked meals are the call of the day. Throwing your favourite ingredients into a deep pan, popping it in the oven and going about your day. Leaving it to slowly blip away flavours become more intense, sauces reduce to a gloriously thick glaze and tastebuds are thrown into overdrive. You simply can't beat a good old stew to warm you up. Our Slow Cooking Meat Box is £39.95. You can find what's included here.
September Meat Boxes

Pies are back!

A firm Pipers Farm favourite, our brilliantly delicious range of handmade pies are coming back in time to warm your cockles this Autumn. Look out for our legendary pies, launching 17th September, you can find them in 'The Pantry' section. 

Over the last 6 months, we have been carrying out some serious recipe testing to make our range of pies even more delicious than before. Included in the range are:

  • Red Ruby Steak and Otter Ale
  • Free Range Chicken and Smoked Ham
  • Indian Butter Chicken
  • Venison and Port
  • Pumpkin, Spinach and Goats Cheese

Look out for other delicious seasonal flavours to follow!

Pipers Farm Pies

 Dinner at Poco Tapas

Join us in Bristol on Tuesday 18th September at Poco Tapas for an evening of exceptional food designed by Head Chef Ian Clark using out grass-fed lamb, properly free range chicken and duck for their 'Meet the producer' event. 

Peter and Henri will discuss how Pipers Farm was started and why as well as talking in detail about how we farm and work in harmony with nature.

The evening will be an intimate feast with sharing tables. There are limited tickets available. Book your place here

Eat, drink Devon - A harvest celebration

On Saturday 6th October we, along with our friends Quicke's and Sandford Orchards are hosting a celebration of our beautiful land, Devon. 

With a delicious three courses featuring the wonderful clothbound cheese and orchard cider, it is set to be a fantastic evening of delicious food and company. 

Tickets are limited. Find out more and book yours here

Sandford Orchards


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