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Sirloin Steak with Spicy Tomatoes & Runner Beans

Sirloin Steak with Spicy Tomatoes & Runner Beans

By Mela Baldock
03, July 2020

There are few people that will say 'no' to a juicy steak. Flavourful, filling and hearty, it is the sort of dinner worth staying in for.  

Taking only minutes to prepare and cook, this dish is perfect for any wild-camping adventure. The buttery steak, coupled with tangy tomatoes and succulent runner beans is the perfect accompaniment to a campfire sing-a-long and some sticky S'Mores for a pudding treat.

When it comes to this steak, think buttery juices coupled with tangy tomatoes that lovingly top a hearty cut of beef. In a twist on the classic 'steak and tomato' dinner, runner beans take to the stage in providing a fresh and mellow change to the blistered tomatoes. 

Here, we have used our new Swedish Torch Log in providing the heat for cooking. Why not give it a try the next time you are camping for a fantastic cooking experience?



2 Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Steaks

Large handful cherry tomatoes

1 red chilli, chopped

Sprig thyme

Small bunch basil

Bunch of runner beans, thinly sliced

1 clove garlic, chopped

Knob of butter



In a hot, heavy based frying pan, add a little cooking oil followed by the season sirloin steak. Caramelise for a few minutes. 

Turn the steak over, add the butter, thyme and the cherry tomatoes and continue to fry for a couple more minutes.

Cook to preferred doneness and then remove the steak from the pan and allow to rest on the side. 

Continue to cook the cherry tomatoes until they start to break down and soften. At this stage add the beans, chilli, garlic and gently stew the beans in the soft tomatoes for a few minutes.

Finish with a pinch of salt and the chopped basil. Serve with a glass of warming and supple Château La Tuilerie Puy

 Wild Camping Steak

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