Homemade meatballs make a deliciously simple midweek meal and are so versatile. Our lamb mince meatballs are gloriously light and full of spices, herbs and lemon zest.

Good baba ganoush does take a bit of care and time. When charring the aubergine - cook it until it's done and then cook it some more, you're looking for a relenting texture that's glossy and soft. The aubergines should be deeply charred and completely tender.

Our top tip when mixing it all together is to slowly emulsify the olive oil with the tahini and aubergine mixture in order to give it a creamy texture.



    • For the baba ganoush

      Place the aubergine over the fire and completely blacken the outside. Whilst the outside is charring, the inside should be becoming gloriously soft and juicy.

      Once the outside is puckered and has blistered up beautifully, scoop the flesh out of the aubergine and roughly mix with the garlic, lemon, tahini, a little olive oil and some salt.

      Leave to one side whilst you cook the lamb.

    • For the lamb

      In a bowl, combine the lamb mince with the zingy lemon rub and a good pinch of salt, mix well together.

      Roll the lamb into small balls and place into a hot, heavy based frying pan. Fry for 5-10 minutes or until golden on the outside, you still want a hint of pink in the middle.

      At this point, add the pumpkin seeds to the pan, with the chilli flakes and toast for a few minutes. There should be a gloriously meaty, nutty spicy smell coming from the hot pan.

      To serve, spread the baba ganoush on the bottom of the plate, then layer the lamb on top with the crumbled feta, pumpkin seeds and chopped mint to dress. 

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