The Poetry of Pipers Farm

The Poetry of Pipers Farm

Over the years Pipers Farm HQ has become a place to gather, a place to inspire, to educate and to celebrate nature in all her beauty. 

There's never a dull moment on the farm with guests from all over the world making a pilgrimage to sample Peter's fire-pit cooking.

This week we were joined by a very special friend, Dana, our 'poet in residence'...

Summer at Pipers Farm

The swallows sweep,
Their summer story,
Over Pipers Farm,
Red Ruby Beef, Devons glory,
Grass fed, grass sings, 
Grow slowly, go slowly,
Through apple, damson, plum, peach, 
Seasons of rosemary, sage,
Suffolk Tup,
The leg of lamb, grown slowly,
The Saddleback,
Pudding, belly, rib, loin,
Grown slowly,
As swallows sweep their summer glory,
Pipers Farm, the poetry of this story.


Summer poem

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