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Penang Kaffir Lime & White Pepper
Penang Kaffir Lime & White Pepper

Penang Kaffir Lime & White Pepper



Delicately spiced with a citrusy freshness and warmth from Sarawak white pepper,  this paste has been carefully developed from and inspired by time-tested family recipes, with taste first in mind. It is a brilliant base for curries or as a flavour booster in marinades and stir-fries.

‘Rempah’ means ‘fresh spice paste’ in the Malay language, and it’s the base of many Southeast Asian curries. Made with aromatic herbs and spices, rempah takes time to make. After struggling to find great ready-made pastes in London, Rempapa founder and cookery writer, Shu Han Lee, spent hours preparing large batches of rempah to freeze before taking production one step further and carefully developed four jarred pastes all free from preservatives and gluten.

Approximately 180g 

Onion, Ginger, Rapeseed Oil, Galangal, Garlic, Lime Juice, Kaffir Lime (4%), Raw Sugar, Lemongrass, Sea Salt, Coriander, White Pepper (<1%), Cumin, Green Chilli.

Store in a cool dry place and see use by date printed on each jar.


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In Southeast Asia, curries and a whole host of dishes begin with a fresh spice paste, known as rempah in Malay. Rempah takes a great deal of time to make and finding it near impossible to find readymade pastes outside of the standard repertoire of Thai/ Indian flavours in London, Shu Han Lee would often make large batches of rempah and freeze them in serving-sized portions. Shu Han Lee realised this was the best way to enjoy and share the flavours she grew up with to adventurous but time-pressed Londoners and launched Rempapa.

All of Rempapa's spice pastes are carefully developed from and inspired by time-tested family recipes – with taste first in mind. They contain no preservatives, because they want them to be as good as you would make them yourself.