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Burrow Hill, Sparkling Perry
Burrow Hill, Sparkling Perry
Burrow Hill, Sparkling Perry

Burrow Hill, Sparkling Perry

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The perry pear is a stubborn fruit, offering up only the smallest window of opportunity between picking and pressing before it turns from optimum ripeness to useless mush. It takes real skill and craft to harness this fabulous drink. 

The fruit varieties used in this perry read like the character list from a Harry Potter book. Thorn, Brandy and Hendre Huffcap pears are all present, and go to create a bewitching mix of delicate flavours, making this a delightfully quaffable booze with a thirst-quenching dryness.

A dry and delicate perry made from pears grown in ancient Somerset orchards.

50cl 7.3% abv

Store in a cool dry place and drink by use by.


We farm in harmony with nature, using regenerative farming techniques to nurture our countryside. By supporting us you are helping us to sustain 25 small-scale farming families.

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The farm sits among 180 acres of cider apple orchards at the base of Burrow Hill in Somerset. Here, cider has been pressed for over 200 years. In 1989 the Temperly family were granted the UK’s first ever full cider-distilling license and they have been distilling award winning cider into Somerset Cider Brandy ever since.

Pesticides are never used on the farm, which means the apples are smaller and tastier than those grown in orchards meant for industrial cider. In order to protect the local bee population the orchards are scattered with bee hotels and plant borders with the bees’ favourite foods. Instead of mowers sheep are used to graze the orchards until the apples start to fall in the autumn.

In the autumn over forty varieties of vintage cider apples such as Dabinett, Kingston Black, Stoke Red, Yarlington Mill and Harry Masters are harvested. By the spring the pure juice of the traditional cider is ready to drink.

Half of their cider is set aside for distilling in Josephine and Fifi, the families famous copper stills. The resulting clear spirit, known as Eau de Vie or ‘water of life’ is trickled into small oak casks to mature into brandy. It takes seven tons of apples to fill just one 500 litre barrel.

For the past thirty years the Temperly family have been reviving the ancient art of Somerset Cider Brandy production.