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Father's Day BBQ Box

Father's Day BBQ Box



Fire up the BBQ - this is the perfect gift box for any grill-loving dad or father figure in your life. We've curated an extremely special selection of burgers, steaks and beers for any foodie dad in your life - bringing together anything you need to make a BBQ truly special. 

The Father's Day BBQ Box Includes: 

Grass Fed Ribeye Steaks 

Our 100% Grass Fed Beef Ribeye Steaks is one of the most popular steaks we sell and it's no wonder, the rich beefy flavour of the meat is incased with moreish fat that crisps and renders in the pan - resulting in a sublime steak. 

Grass Fed Chuck Steaks

Our Grass Fed Chuck Steak is full of flavour with a little bite to the texture. The depth of flavour comes from the sublime lacing of marbled fat running through this steak, which melts as you cook.

Grass Fed Steak Burgers

The ultimate burger, loved by so many, our Grass Fed Beef Steak Burgers are a popular family staple, ideal for an easy mid-week meal. With an incredible depth of flavour, eating one of our Grass Fed Beef burgers is just like eating a good steak. 

Grass Fed Beef, Chilli & Coriander Burgers 

A little spicy, with a lovely aromatic note from the coriander seeds, this delicious Grass Fed Beef burger makes a wonderful addition to the BBQ. Try pairing our Beef, Chilli and Coriander Burger with tangy pickles and blow-yer-socks-off mustard, to create a New York deli-style feast.

Ultimate Burger Buns 

Enriched with buttermilk and a 63 year old sourdough starter. We believe that this is the best bun for any burger. Made with a dollop of sourdough starter and topped with sesame seeds, this bun is slightly sweet with a glossy finish from the egg glaze.

Gilt & Flint Pale Ale

Good body with refreshing citrus aroma. A perfect accompaniment to light seafood or grilled chicken although holds its own with strong spicy flavours.

Gilt & Flint Oatmeal Stout

A nod to the early morning market traders of Smithfields in London who would enjoy a dark, chocolatey stout with their bacon sarnies post trading. Full of rich chocolate tones with a subtle hint of coffee and vanilla. 

Gilt & Flint Helles Lager 

A beer for beer lovers, the German-style helles is a malt accented lager beer that balances a pleasant malt sweetness and body with floral Noble hops and restrained bitterness.

Your meat will arrive frozen.

When your meat arrives simply pop it into your freezer.
When you have chosen what you would like to eat, drop your items, still in their individual packaging into cool water and wait for 15 minutes until they are fully thawed. Once fully thawed remove the packaging and get cooking.

You can also gently thaw any items by leaving them in the fridge or at room temperature.

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