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"One of the many great things about cheese is that it can’t be trussed up in a ribbon, put in a shiny package and sold as something it isn’t. It is either great or it isn’t."

Nettlebed Organic Creamery has been producing organic milk and cheese since the early 2000's. They rear a three-way cross of Montbeliarde, Holstein Friesian and Swedish Red, all famed for their hardy robust nature and ability to produce wonderful milk on purely pasture-based systems. The cows graze on herbal leys such as; chicory, yarrow and rib grass, producing milk that is a true expression of the landscape.

Bix, named after the village where the herd grazes, is a soft, pasteurised, triple cream cheese. It bears a passing resemblance to the French cheese Chaource, but also has its own unique personality.

Beneath the white wrinkly rind is a dense, ultra creamy interior with a moreish lactic tang. It’s wonderfully dense and rich, and has a mouthfeel not unlike butter. With an earthy aroma on the nose, at first you’ll detect hints of yoghurt and grassy sweetness on the palate, which then unfurl into toasty notes.

Approximately 100g

Made with pasteurised cow's milk (MILK) and animal rennet.

It is necessary to apply a common sense approach to cheese care and respond to the cheese you have in front of you, as opposed to following rigid guidelines.

The best option is to keep the cheese wrapped in its waxed paper within a box in the fridge. The container will help to prevent the cheese from drying out and prevent the cheese from absorbing flavours.

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We have received the countries highest accolades including; BBC 4 Food & Farming Best Producer, The Telegraph's Best Butcher, The Independent's Best Meat Box, Great Taste Top 50 Best Food Products.


About the producer

The Padfield family have been happily milking a herd of cows at Park Farm for four generations. Edward Ernest Padfield took on the 240 acres of Park Farm in August 1914. Cheddar cheese was made by his wife in the building that adjoined the farmhouse and the cows were milked by hand in the building across the yard. They had a small herd of Shorthorn cows.

In 1990, when Graham Padfield decided to start making cheese again, he was able to do so in the very same buildings in which his grandmother had made her Cheddar nearly 80 years before. Times change and in 2015, production moved into a new cheese dairy adjacent to the cattle dairy and milking parlour. Graham’s award-winning cheeses are now made closer than ever to where the cows are milked – less than 50 yards away!

The farm take a traditional approach to how they raise and graze their small herd of 160 mainly Holstein Friesian cows. They are entirely organic and are registered with Organic Farmers and Growers.