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Bergecrac Blanc
Bergecrac Blanc
Bergecrac Blanc

Bergecrac Blanc



In terms of viticulture and vinification - this wine ticks all the boxes. This hugely expressive, interesting and unusual wine has a lightly oxidative note and a bready back palate that bounces off the fruit which is all at once fresh, zesty, creamy and opulent. 

Fermented with native yeasts, this white wine is unfiltered and unrefined with no additional sulphites. It's blend of locally grown grapes and maturation process means that the wine is "living" and will evolve continuously within the bottle. 

On the nose it is pleasingly nutty with accents of floral notes, followed by citrus and peach fruits. A vibrant mouthfeel with refreshing vivacity as the floral notes develop into grapefruity tones with hints of honeysuckle and wisteria. It is the perfect union between freshness, fullness and aromatics. 

Pair with light salads strewn with chicken or turkey. 

Nose: Nuttiness followed by peach and citrus fruits. 

Palate: Vibrant with grapefruit and floral notes. 

ABV: 13.5%

For bottles with corks, be sure to store your wine horizontally in a wine rack. Keeping wine on its side helps keep the cork moist, which is key for long-term storage, as a dried out cork can cause seepage and premature aging. 

While it's not necessary to keep screw top wine bottles on their sides, horizontal storage is nevertheless an efficient way to store your wines for maximum space and easy access. 


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There is magic being created in the South West of France. Chateau Barouillet has stood tall in the French wine-making scene for a lengthy 8 generations, being handed down from family member to family member and currently, with Vincent Alexis at its helm, Chateau Barouillet is creating wonderful wines by working the land with care and as naturally as possible

At Chateau Barouillet, a lot of onus is placed upon organic agriculture and respecting the land, the vines and the fruits. Their approach is to work the land like traditional agriculture, a concept that is extremely similar to us here at Pipers Farm. Natural wine making, in this sense, is similar to the farming of livestock in how the grapes and land are farmed. Since 2013, Chateau Barouillet has been proudly organic, respecting the raw materials of the grapes and wine and limiting any additives added. Their delicate ecosystem is preserved through parsimonious use of organic treatment as well as slightly altering the way they work the plants and soil according to the yearly climatic conditions. 

The quintuple estate that Chateau Barouillet lies on is emblematic of the complex vines and wines that they produce. At present, there are 14 grape varieties and plans are in place to ensure they are the pioneers for South West France to have all traditional permitted varieties. Their skill and expertise in natural wine making, handed down through the generations mean that their easy-to-drink vintages are constantly evolving - and we can’t wait to see where they go next.