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Henri, Abby, Peter and Sam walking towards the chicken huts in Pipers Farm.

Meet the Team At Pipers Farm

Meet Our Fabulous Team

The Family

Peter and Henri, Founders - Henri & Peter first met at University. They first spent time farming both in North Yorkshire and the South Hams in Devon. They ended up settling in the rolling hills outside Cullompton and founded Pipers Farm. Peter and Henri's knowledge of farming and butchery is second to none. They also have 30+ years' experience in feeding two hungry sons!

Will, Managing Director - Peter and Henri's youngest son, Will grew up in this farming family and, as a result, inherited a wealth of knowledge and experience. He officially joined the farm in 2009 after completing a degree in Economics & Business Management at Cardiff University. Today he oversees the day-to-day farm's business and is always first in line to carry out any quality control of our products.

Fly is our working sheepdog, she is the real boss of the farm and a bit of a mascot. Without her help, we couldn't move the sheep to new grass and the bullocks into fresh dry fields. She's a hero and gives a great cuddle.

The Butchers

Darren, John & Manos - Our skilled butchers look after all of the meat here at Pipers Farm. With more than 25 years experience they have absolutely exacting standards, always preparing and trimming our meat with the best care and attention.

Garry makes some of your favourite products. Every day he produces, by hand, small batches of burgers and sausages, and then wraps them in our lovely branded packaging before popping them away in the freezers, ready for you to order.

The Dispatch Team

Owein is our stock & estates manager. He makes sure we have everything we need, when and where we need it. From packaging to ingredients, from sauces to our award-winning meat, he makes sure we have every product available to get your orders delivered to you exactly how and when you want them. And yes, the spelling of his name is correct...

Liam and Emma form our wonderful and very busy Dispatch team. They carefully pack all your bespoke boxes and ensure they get delivered to you on time and in perfect condition.

Kim & Jamie are our tireless delivery drivers for our local delivery route. They reach the furthest corners of Devon, Somerset, Bristol and Dorset so your orders are safely delivered to your door.

The Office Team

You'll hear a few friendly voices in the Pipers Farm office when you ring us...

Jo is often the first one to pick up the phone, dealing with all customer enquiries with great enthusiasm and professionalism. She is passionate about great customer service and she will do all she can to keep our customers happy.

Bryn deals with all of our business-to-business and wholesale accounts with restaurants and chefs. A true font of knowledge, his passion and helpfulness are appreciated by all.

Abby is the one who dreams up how the brand looks and how we can always be the very best at what we do; from creating new exciting products and designs to working with farmers to ensure the Pipers Farm ethos is always being met. 

On The Farm

Dave & Les, our hands-on stockmen. You'll always find them in wellies and usually covered in mud! They care for our livestock, moving them around the fields, always ensuring they have fresh pastures.