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Minced meat in Pipers Farm wrapping paper.

We take just as much care when wrapping and packing our meat as we do when growing it. We have worked very hard to pack your meat so that it arrives in the most convenient way to you.

Packed with

Each item of meat is wrapped individually so that there is never any waste. You'll be able to pull out exactly the amount you need and leave the rest for another day. We have made it even easier... simply drop one of our packs in cool water for 15 minutes and it is ready to cook. All our packaging is also recyclable!

Environment-friendly packaging

If we had it our way, we'd do away with packaging altogether, but to get our food to you in perfect condition we need to protect it. We have spent a lot of time, over many cups of tea, and much pacing around the Aga, working out the best way to send out our lovely products to you. We considered many options, trialling and testing, to find how to keep your food at the perfect temperature, in packaging that's easy for you to use and does not harm our beautiful environment. You won't find any polystyrene, bubble wrap, or any other nasty non-recyclable stuff in your Pipers Farm meat box. That is our promise.

Your order will be wrapped up in wool to keep it cool, all wrapped up in paper, and placed within one of our durable boxes. In the summer months, we include a sheet of ice to ensure your delivery arrives with you in perfect condition.

Why has my meat arrived frozen?

Freezing is nature’s way of preserving food. We never add any nasty preservatives or nitrates to our meat. Therefore freezing is the perfect way to deliver absolutely perfectly conditioned pieces of meat to you every single time you order. Our meat has been hung for the perfect amount of time to ensure minimal water content. The freezing process does not affect the eating quality of our meat at all. Your meat has been hung, butchered and then packaged and flash frozen for your convenience.

We can deliver your meat to you fresh if you would prefer. Simply ask for your items fresh when on the phone to one of our team, or pop a note in the comments box when ordering online detailing which items you would like to be fresh.

Where and how do I keep my meat fresh?

When your meat arrives you should pop it straight into your freezer. When you have chosen what you would like for supper, simply pull those items out, drop them; still in their packaging, into cool water, wait for 15 minutes, remove the packaging and it will be ready to use. Larger joints and whole birds will require slightly more time to thaw. Food waste is a national crisis and we wouldn’t want any of the meat we have taken years to grow to go to waste. Therefore each item is individually packaged so that you can use just the right amount for your meal. Any extra remains safely vacuum-packed waiting perfectly in your freezer for next time.

Because we work with the whole animal carcass, we can provide you with even the most unusual of requests. If you would like an item that is not listed as a product on our website, simply call 01392 881380 or email and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you with your query.

We have specifically designed our packaging so it not only protects your items perfectly but so it is super easy to deal with when it is with you. All our packaging is recyclable, and some of our customers have come up with great ways to re-use the materials at home. The wool is perfect for protecting your plants from the frost, can make excellent pet bedding, or insulation for outdoor storage buildings. Share your pics of you re-using your wool or cardboard box and be in with a chance of winning a gift voucher from us for being such a great friend to the environment. Simply email your pictures to, or share on Twitter @pipersfarm.

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