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Peter Greig answers questions about sustainable farming to a visiting chef.

Frequently Asked Questions from our customers...

At Pipers Farm, we are proud of the way we farm and grow our meat - the natural way. We're totally open regarding our processes and the way we work. Whether you're new to Pipers Farm or a regular client, here are some of the most commonly asked questions - just click a particular question to read the answer. 

All the meat and meat products we sell online are produced by us, and no-one else.

Pipers Farm comprises a network of 25 family-run farms in Devon, all working according to the same, strict ethos of sustainable farming, using farming methods that are in harmony with nature and with the welfare of our livestock top of our agenda.

We grow all of our animals slowly so they develop at their natural rates without the use of any hormone-growing agents.

They're free-range so they can roam freely and follow their natural instincts, like eating grass or foraging for food and insects, depending on the species.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we only feed our animals a totally natural diet - a diet of mother's milk and grass for our ruminant animals; our poultry and pigs eat simple, locally-sourced cereals, grass from the soil and insects they forage.

No, we don't have the organic label because we haven't applied for it and we don't feel we need to. We believe that the way we produce our meat actually goes beyond the organic label. Although we applaud the advances the food industry has made thanks to the organic movement, we feel the organic label doesn't go far enough.

Learn more about our farming methods.

None whatsoever. We believe that producing meat the natural way is best for both the animals and for the consumer. We produce our meat the natural way - 100% natural, preservative and additive-free. Because we grow our animals slowly, free range and in small groups/herds, they mature at their own natural pace and develop a good, natural immune system as a result - in the last 5 years, we've only had to use antibiotics three times to treat a poorly animal (and then we took them out the food chain).

We produce our meat the natural way - 100% natural, preservative and additive-free. Because we grow our animals slowly, free range and in small groups/herds, they mature at their own natural pace and develop a good, natural immune system as a result - in the last 5 years, we've only had to use antibiotics three times to treat a poorly animal.

We don't use preservatives or additives in any of our pies, sausages, burgers, sausages, stuffings, chutneys and sauces. We believe in making our products the same way you would at home - with just whole, and natural ingredients.

We freeze our meat products as it's the best way to preserve their optimum nutritional value. 

It depends on where we send the order. Nationwide deliveries charge is just £4.95. We offer other delivery service options like Next Day Delivery, Pre-12 Delivery or International.

Check where we deliver and our delivery service costs.

Setting a minimum order helps our planet by lowering our carbon footprint - by delivering slightly larger orders a little less often, we ensure lower fuel consumption and packaging usage.

Yes, that's one of the many reasons why shopping online with Pipers Farm is so practical for our clients. Unlike some of our competitors, you can choose a date that suits you.

However, we cannot guarantee the time of the delivery - unless you choose the pre-12 Delivery service, in which case it's guaranteed to arrive before 12 noon. Because we use a third-party courier for the bulk of our deliveries, we are subject to their own schedule. The schedule for our own delivery vans is also subject to last minute changes and, of course, traffic conditions.

You can always tell us your preferred time of delivery and out of courtesy we'll do our best to honour it but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it.

Yes, but only if your order is delivered by courier, which is an option you would select at checkout when placing your order online. As long as you provided us with a working mobile telephone number and a valid email address when you opened your Pipers Farm account, the courier will automatically send you tracking notifications via email or SMS on the day of your delivery.

You cannot track local orders that are delivered by our own vans because our delivery route and schedule are subject to last-minute changes.

Yes, all our packaging is 100% recyclable - we've put a lot of thought and effort into this. Learn more about our packaging here.

That's because freezing is Nature's best preservative. We blast-freeze all meat products the same day they're butchered and they're kept in freezers, on-site. Ultimately, it is better to ensure optimum quality - we don't need to use any chemicals or preservatives in any of our food - and it makes it ultra-convenient to you, the consumer: you can store everything back in the freezer upon delivery and only defrost what you need on the day.

Unfortunately, no. We have a stringent production and packaging process that is geared up to selling only frozen products to our retail customers. In years gone by, we could accommodate the odd request for non-frozen items but this is not something we can do now as this would become unworkable from our side.

On rare occasions, we would deliver fresh items due to an unusually high increase in demand, when we wouldn't have time to blast-freeze them because they're being packaged and dispatched as soon as they leave the butcher's room. If this ever happens, we would clearly specify on the delivery note that the item in question is fresh, and not frozen.

By law, we put a sticker on each individually packaged item that shows a 6 months sell-by date. In truth, because of the way we grow our animals - the natural way and without adding any chemicals or preservatives - our meat should still be fit for consumption well beyond 6 months, even years.

Yes, it's absolutely safe to eat or refreeze because of the way we produce our meat.

One of the advantages of buying Pipers Farm meat is that it comes from animals that have been grown slowly, so they reach natural maturity and develop great flavour and texture, naturally. We also take care of hanging the meat on the bone before it's butchered in order to remove excess moisture. This means that if your order has arrived slightly thawed (or if you want to refreeze something that you have defrosted), it's perfectly safe to refreeze and the eating quality will still be optimal.