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Our free-range chickens.

We're often asked, “Why isn't Pipers Farm organic?” 

While we applaud the organic movement, and the fundamental beliefs that have underpinned its development and beginnings, we don't feel that the organic label goes far enough and we don't believe that all ‘organic’ meat produced these days is as a customer would expect it to be.

We strongly believe that every element of the process involved in rearing and nurturing an animal through life is absolutely crucial and integral to the system as a whole.


We produce meat that's beyond the organic label - naturally, ethically and sustainably


We believe in hand slaughtering each of our chickens individually. We do so on the same farm they grew up on to minimise stress for the bird. We don't feel it is acceptable to raise the birds in the correct manner, only for them to be shipped hundreds of miles to be able to use a certified organic industrial abattoir.

We believe in native, slow-growing breeds of beef, lamb, and pigs and believe only in feeding them on a natural diet for life. Our beef and lamb are 100% grass-grazed and we feed our pigs with simple grain from a local mill which never uses GM or imported products. This goes well beyond the organic label, and it is the only farming method we believe in.

We will never be surpassed in any of the farming processes we do by the organic label. We never use GM feed, and we never use antibiotics unless absolutely necessary for the health of an individual animal. For example, for our Wessex Saddleback breeding pig herd, we have only given 3 doses of antibiotics to 3 individual animals in the entire last FIVE YEARS. This falls well inside organic guidelines and is simply common sense farming and responsible animal husbandry.

We only use a local on-farm abattoir. This is the best method of dispatch available to us. We are present as every animal is slaughtered and insist upon care and respect in this last facet of the animal's life over and above organic certification.

If you have any questions about our farming or any of our production process, please do ask us, we always respond to inquiries because of our open door policy. We are rightfully proud of everything we do and enjoy nothing more than sharing our food production ethos with our customers.

We will continue to applaud the organic label for what it has set out to do. It does some fantastic work across the board, especially in increasing awareness and standards of food production. We will, however, keep on working the way that we genuinely believe in. We'll continue to strive to incorporate all of the good elements of organic farming, and push even further in our pursuit of truly ethical and sustainable meat - that is to be enjoyed, respected and savoured.  

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