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Duck Leg

We recommend 1 leg per portion.

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They may not sound as glamorous as their partnered cut, the duck breast, but being on the bone for an intensely rich flavor when cooked makes our properly free range duck legs an under-rated gem.

We have developed our own cross-breed of duck that perfectly resembles a heritage breed, with characteristics most like the traditional Aylesbury. Like this traditional older breed, our duck has a rich sweet flavor that comes from its inherent ability to store fat.

Our ducks are grown in small flocks with access to abundant pasture and water allowing them to indulge in their natural behaviours; scratching at grass, swimming and paddling. Grown slowly, our free range ducks mature at a natural rate on a natural diet. They develop a wonderful texture and full flavour.

Unusually, we hang our ducks uneviscerated for 12 days to further deepen their sweet, meaty flavour.

How to cook duck leg

Our properly free range duck legs lend themselves perfectly to confiting or slow cooking.

One of our favourite dishes to make with duck legs is a traditional duck cassoulet. Heat a little olive oil in a large pan and sauté some bacon lardons until the fat becomes soft. Add sliced shallots and garlic and soften before adding your duck legs. Sear them on both sides for 2 minutes each before pouring in a tin of haricot beans, pure chicken stock and fresh thyme leaves. Simmer for almost half an hour then add breakfast sausages. Cook for a further 20 minutes before finishing with double cream just before serving.

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