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Beef Stock Bones

Our Beef Stock Bones are packed in 1kg bags, which approximately 3-4 bones.

Due to their popularity, we limit each order to 2kg maximum.

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Using the whole carcass of the animal is immensely important to us at Pipers Farm - we don't believe that anything should go to waste and that especially goes for bones. Of all the culinary activities we've lost touch with, making pure, authentic stock from bones is one we'd especially like to rekindle everyone's passion for. So simple, so satisfying and so much better than cubes, powders or jellies, bones make a stock that has a unique depth of flavour and is packed with nourishing goodies. Pipers Farm Red Rudy beef stock bones are full of gelatinous marrow - a simple stock made from these can form the basis for outstanding gravies, broths, soups and casseroles.

The secret ingredient to our stock bones is the slow growth of our Devon Red Ruby cattle. Suckling mother's milk for 8 months, our calves have the best possible start in life, a start that builds natural immunity and strong bones. Once weaned, the calves grow slowly on clover-rich Devon pasture. This slow growth means their skeletons are robust and their bones are dense. Converting grass into muscle is what this native-breed does best so there's no need to fill them up with cereals to encourage them to grow or to bulk them up. They just need space and time to graze. In return they keep Devon's grasslands in perfect condition, nourishing it with their own natural fertiliser and making it the perfect habitat for diverse insect life.

How to make natural beef stock with bones

Just like maturing cattle, all a good stock needs is a bit of time. For the purest-of-pure stock, simply pour plenty of boiling water over the beef stock bones and simmer in a lidded pot on the lowest heat for as long as you've got. Once you've extracted all the flavour and goodness, remove the bones, turn up the heat and reduce the liquid to intensify the flavour. Use as a base for everything from soups and stews to casseroles and curries.

How to make bone broth from scratch

Bone broth is ultra-nutritious and very healthy and it's so simple to make, here's how.

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Red Ruby Beef Stock Bones

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great for stock esp with electric pressure cooker!!!!

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