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Spatchcock Chicken

Each Spatchcock Chicken weighs approximately 1.5kg.
We recommend 3 portions per kg.

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The perfect choice for those wanting the distinctive taste of our award winning properly free range whole chickens, with less of the wait. Split down the middle, our properly free range spatchcock chickens cook in a little over 50 minutes and are also perfect popped on the barbecue for something a little different.

If we had to choose one animal that really sums up what Pipers Farm is about it would have to be our chickens. They are the reason Pipers Farm was founded all those years ago feeling unhappy to feed two young boys the chickens Peter and Henri Greig, our founders, were growing at the time for a well-known supermarket chain.

Our chickens are properly free range, having year-round access to luscious pasture, roaming, scratching and rooting up grass, worms, and insects which make up a good proportion of their diet, accompanied by a mix of simple cereals sourced just a few miles away. They develop great texture as they live like real chicken should. Walking about in search of food, flapping, and dust bathing, developing real muscles and strong bones.

How to cook spatchcock chicken

For a straight forward roast, heat your oven to 190°C. Place a mixture of your favourite veggies in the base of an oven tray with a little sea salt and cracked black pepper. Lay your spatchcock chicken on top of your veg and roast for 35 minutes under a generous covering of foil. Uncover your bird and continue to roast for a further 15 minutes. This will allow the skin to crisp perfectly. Leave to rest for at least 10 minutes while you make a delicious sauce from the juices caught in your pan

For something a little different, why not whip up a curry paste from a blend of your favourite spices and a little oil and smother over your chicken before roasting?

To barbecue, let your barbecue get piping hot until the coals glow white and lay your spatchcock chicken skin side down on your grill until it crisps. Once the skin is crisp, flip it over and cook bone side down with your bird not directly over the heat until your meat reached 60°C at its thickest part. Rest for as long as you can resist!

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