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Boneless Leg of Lamb

We recommend 4 portions per kg.

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Encompassing all of the flavour of our leg of lamb on the bone but with ease of super simple carving. A leg of lamb is the perfect choice for a classic roast, being a great option for those who like a slightly leaner and finer grained meat than lamb shoulder.

We believe our lamb to be unique, growing it slowly until it reaches natural maturity. All of our sheep are Suffolk crosses and are the perfect breed for growing and finishing on purely mother's milk and grass.

Consistency is absolutely key when growing meat - we offer the same top quality cuts of lamb all year around, and so have to lamb a few times a year. Our early lambs are born and reared on the rich grassland of the Culm Valley. Our later lambs are born amongst the heather and moorland pastures on the top of Dartmoor and Exmoor. Their mothers are able to harness goodness from the rough pastures here to convert to milk – pastures that would be redundant if not used for farming this way.

We take our lambs just a short distance to a local family run abattoir that we have built a relationship with for many years. Their team of craftsmen treat our carcasses with the utmost respect and deliver them in perfect condition to be hung on the bone for 3 weeks. We recommend taking your boneless leg of lamb out of your fridge for an hour before cooking to allow it to rest at room temperature.

How to cook a boneless leg of lamb

Roast for 35 minutes per kilogram in a 160°C oven. This will leave your leg of lamb medium rare. We like to roast ours alongside plenty of garlic and fresh rosemary as their flavours marry perfectly.

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