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'Every Day' Steak

Each steak weighs approximately 125g.

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Cut from the forequarter, Pipers Farm ‘every day’ steak is an excellent choice if you prefer a really lean cut. It’s also exceptionally good value – especially as we believe it’s every bit as good as rump steak sold elsewhere. The well-grained texture of our everyday steak is certainly comparable to rump, with just a little bit more bite. And as with all of our beef, the flavour is well developed and distinctive – a perfect source of lean, healthy protein.

At Pipers Farm, consistency and quality are key so all of our beef comes from native Devon Red Ruby cattle that are 100% grass fed. This is a traditional breed that we love, not only because it produces fantastic meat, but also because it has grazed the pastures of the Southwest for centuries, shaping our landscape and adapting perfectly to the environment.

We believe that the best meat comes from animals that have lived natural lives, growing slowly without the need for chemicals and cereals to bulk them up. Our animals have vigorous immune systems inherited from their mothers and boosted by grazing mixed pastures dense with herbs and plant life. All of our animals mature at the rate nature intended, meaning they have robust skeletons and strong muscles that have worked hard. This means their meat has flavour, texture and is healthy to eat.

We slaughter all of our animals in small groups at a local abattoir to keep transport times, and therefore stress, to a minimum. Our beef carcasses then hang for 4 weeks – a time-honoured tradition that means the meat you eat is mature, full of flavour and tender.

How to cook ‘Every Day’ steak

It couldn’t be simpler. Just lightly oil and season both sides, then place in a smoking-hot pan for a minute or two, flip and repeat on the other side. To maximise juicy tenderness, let your steak rest briefly before tucking in. Perfect with a crisp mixed salad and some chunky chips, oozing with garlicky herb butter or topped with melting blue cheese. Delicious!

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Red Ruby 'Every Day' Steak

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Flavour amazing and a good size.

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