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Minute Steak

We recommend 2 slices of Minute Steak per portion.

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Fantastically tasty, quick-to-cook and great value – what’s not to love about Pipers Farm minute steak? Thinly and evenly cut by our team of butchers, our minute steaks are taken from the topside of Red Ruby cattle. The topside is a hardworking internal hind quarter muscle which means our minute steaks benefit not only from well-developed flavour but also great texture with a bit of bite. They’re exceptionally lean and, as the name suggests, they cook to perfection in a flash.

Pipers Farm Devon Red Ruby cattle are native to South West England and have adapted over centuries to make the most of the climate and landscape. We believe that the very best meat comes from animals that are grown in an environment to which they are well suited, fed only on a natural diet of grass and mother’s milk and grown to maturity at a natural pace. Our Devon cattle are bred to be as traditional as possible, meaning they’re healthy, hardy and very good-natured. With a stocky frame and trademark deep red coat, Red Rubies offer a carcass with an even distribution of meat. This means every cut is consistently exceptional.

After slaughter at a nearby family-run abattoir, our beef hangs for 4 weeks at a carefully controlled temperature. This allows moisture to disperse, letting the meat relax and tenderise while flavour intensifies. When it comes time to cut the carcasses, our highly skilled butchers know exactly how to get the most out of each joint, making sure everything is used and nothing is wasted.

How to cook a minute steak

Pipers Farm minute steaks make the perfect steak sandwich – a super-quick but wholly satisfying supper. Simply cook the steak in a very hot pan for no more than a minute a side, rest for a moment then serve in soft ciabatta with a dollop of mustard mayo and some caramelised onions, yum!

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