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Picanha Rump

We recommend 4-5 portions per kg.

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Awarded 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2017.

Not a common cut on the supermarket shelves or butcher's counter, we think picanha rump is a forgotten joint that should definitely be remembered. Also known as rump cap or fat-on rump, picanha rump is a much-loved feature of Brazilian barbecues. Cut from the flavoursome hindquarters of the carcase, Pipers Farm Picanha features a juicy layer of sweet fat and remains succulent upon cooking due to the marbling running throughout the joint. The work this muscle has done is apparent from the grain of the meat, but that doesn't diminish the tenderness of this cut.

At Pipers Farm we grow all of our native-breed Red Ruby cattle along traditional lines. Eating only grass from Devon's meadows and moorlands, our cattle grow slowly. We don't feed them cereals because ruminant animals don't need them - they're designed to thrive on mixed grasses, herbs and pasture plants. And we don't drown our grassland in fertilisers and pesticides so the meat we grow is about as natural as you can get.

Using the whole carcass of an animal is important to us, so our skilled team of butchers makes the very most of every cut, letting nothing go to waste. Having hung for 4 weeks, you'll really taste the grass-fed difference in our beef.

How to cook picanha rump

If you're cooking it in the oven, make sure you sear the meat all over first, giving a good 5 minutes to the cap of fat on top of the joint - that'll start rendering the fat down, bringing out its flavour and keeping the meat moist. In a medium oven, roast for about 40 minutes for medium-rare, letting it have a good 15 minutes rest before carving.

For the real Brazilian churrasco BBQ experience, rub the picanha with sea salt and crushed peppercorns and grill over searing hot charcoal until the fat is charred and melting and the meat is pink and juicy inside. Serve alongside other grilled meats - we love beautiful pork belly - with a vibrant salsa, as hot or mild as you like.

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