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Aromatic Beef Stir Fry

250g pack. We recommend 1-2 portions per 250g.

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If you thought our regular beef stir fry made life easy for you, take it a step further and try our aromatic beef stir fry for ultimate ease combined with ultimate flavour. Our beef stir fry comes from quality, lean steak cuts. It isn’t bulked out with fatty or grisly bits, so every mouthful is as tender as the last. And our skilled butchers ensure the strips of beef are regular in shape and size, so your stir fry will cook quickly and evenly. The aromatic element comes from our special blend of spices – earthy cumin, fennel and coriander combine with the warmth of cloves and cayenne pepper for a distinctive but not overwhelming heat.

When it comes to beef, we believe that that the old ways are the best. We only use Devon Red Ruby cattle that are native to our part of the world – they thrive on the mixed grasses of our pastures or moorlands. This traditional breed is expert at converting their natural diet into lean, top-quality meat. We never feed concentrate or grains to our cattle, preferring to let them grow slowly, as nature intended. So you’re guaranteed that the beef you buy from Pipers Farm will have eaten nothing but mother’s milk and grass throughout its life.

Animal welfare is critical to how we and our partner farmers work. Our cattle are slaughtered in very small batches at a local abattoir to reduce transport time and prevent undue stress. The carcasses then hang at a regulated temperature for 4 weeks to ensure they’re at their prime when cut by our butchers.

How to cook aromatic beef stir fry

Cooking our Aromatic Beef Stir Fry is as easy as it gets – and its versatility makes it an ideal standby for the freezer. Make it hot and sizzling in fajitas with crispy peppers and soft flour tortillas, toss it in the wok with spring onions, noodles and ginger or shallow fry it for crispy chilli beef.

Alternatively, why not try your hand on our amazing Aromatic Beef Stuffed Squash recipe?

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