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Hog's Pudding

Each slice weighs approximately 150g. We recommend 1 slice per portion.

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A really delicious speciality from Devon and Cornwall, at Pipers Farm we're proud to maintain the tradition of hog's pudding. Our recipe is simple, wholesome with 100% natural ingredients. Coarse-ground pork mince and pork fat are bound with a little pearl barley and seasoned with white pepper, mace and sea salt. The result is a hearty, meaty pudding that's packed full of flavour - this is comfort food at its very best. Perfect as part of a traditional cooked breakfast, hog's pudding is a great alternative for those who don't fancy black pudding. Or change things up and enjoy some hog's pudding for lunch or supper instead of sausages.

At Pipers Farm our pigs are either pure Wessex Saddlebacks or Saddleback/Welsh crosses. Traditional breeds can grow slowly, laying down fat alongside muscle for a well-balanced carcase that yields tender, succulent meat. Because our pigs enjoy a natural lifestyle, living outdoors as much as possible and always in sociable family groups, they're at liberty to indulge in their instinctive behaviours. That means running and playing, rooting with their snouts in mud or straw, sunbathing or wallowing. 

How to cook hog's pudding

You can't beat hog's pudding at breakfast with some crisp, smoked bacon and a runny poached egg. Simply fry in a drizzle of oil over a medium heat for a couple of minutes each side (resisting the temptation to move it around too much) until golden and sizzling.

Alternatively, try it as part of a warm puy lentil salad for brunch or lunch - a sharp lemony-herby dressing will cut through the richness of the pudding and bring out the fatty sweetness.

For a classic dinner, substitute Pipers Farm hog's pudding to the usual sausagemeat in a rich duck cassoulet.

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