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Rump Tail

We recommend 3-4 portions per kg.

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Complex and hardworking, the rump of a beef carcass yields three muscles - cap, eye and tail. While the eye muscle makes perfect steaks, the rump tail comes into its own when cooked as a joint. Very well flavoured with a distinctive grain, rump tail is lean and without superficial fat. Best cooked fast and hot, Pipers Farm rump tail is perfect on the fire pit or barbecue for some really impressive al fresco eating.

We believe that the best meat comes from animals who've lived a natural lifestyle and eaten a healthy diet well-suited to their digestive systems. That's why all of our Devon Red Ruby cattle are reared on mothers' milk and grown slowly on pasture and forage - they're 100% grass fed. The mixed grasses of Devon provide all the nutrients our cattle need to develop to maturity at the rate nature intended. We never feed our cattle cereals or concentrates because we don't want to fatten them abnormally quickly, we want them to build robust skeletons and strong muscles which result in unbeatable flavour and texture. And as well as being good for the cattle, grass-fed meat is better for us and better for the environment.

How to cook rump tail

While some might think that the rump tail is an awkwardly shaped cut, we see it as a distinct benefit. When cooked on a searing hot griddle or barbecue for just 5 minutes per side, rested for 10 minutes then thinly sliced, you'll have plenty of juicy pink meat cooked rare at the plump end, and a slightly more well-done piece at the tapered tail end. That should keep everyone happy, however they like their beef cooked. This versatile joint is perfect served simply with some roasted veg to complement the meat's gentle flavour, or with crisp summery salads and a punchy chilli mango salsa.

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