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Fillet Steak

Each steak weighs approximately 175g.

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Probably the most sought-after steak from the beef carcass, Pipers Farm fillet steak is buttery soft and exceptionally tender. Cut from the long muscle that runs along the sirloin, the fine grain of the fillet results from the fact that the muscle hasn't really worked very hard. This means it has not only the great depth of flavour common to all of our beef, it also has unusually delicate texture making fillet steak a truly sensational piece of meat. The quality of the cut has made it a classic for good reason and means it's delicious and succulent with the minimum of fuss or preparation.

All of the beef at Pipers Farm comes from purely grass fed, native Devon Red Ruby Cattle. Perfectly suited to the environment and climate of the west country, our Red Rubies drink milk from their mothers and graze mixed pasture exactly as generations before them did. We support traditional farming methods in the firm belief that healthy animals fed a natural grass-only diet play a key role in supporting the complex and diverse ecology of the British countryside. The animals' natural diet also produces meat that's packed with beneficial nutrients, so grass is good for our digestion, too.

The ageing process undertaken at Pipers Farm means that all of our beef hangs for a full four weeks at a carefully controlled temperature. This hanging doesn't result in decay, rather it allows the carcass to shed some moisture and relax, contributing to tender texture and depth of flavour.

How to cook fillet steak

Easy does it with such a beautiful piece of meat. Partner your fillet steak with simple, earthy accompaniments such as wild mushrooms to bring out the bass notes in its flavour, or cut through the richness with some creamy celeriac purée or dauphinoise potatoes. Having allowed your meat to come to room temperature, sear it in a super-hot pan for just a minute or two per side. This will give you a beautifully browned outside and yielding juicy pinkness when cut. Rest for 5 minutes before serving.

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