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Pork Ribs

Your ribs will arrive as a sheet. Each sheet weighs roughly 700g.

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Cut from the underside of the belly, Pipers Farm pork ribs combine the delicious, tender flavour of our pork with just enough fat to bring sweetness and succulence. Slow cooking on the bone also contributes distinctive flavour and ensures the meat stays moist. We supply our pork ribs as a sheet, giving you the flexibility to cook them in one, or to separate them, as your recipe requires. Because our pigs are slowly grown, there's plenty of meat on the ribs, making this under-rated cut fantastically versatile and really great value.

At Pipers Farm we grow our native Saddleback pigs slowly. They eat only a natural diet, without growth promoters and they live active outdoor lifestyles. For us, the perfect pork carcase features both muscle and fat in balance, because it's that combination that makes the meat so delicious. We don't want super-lean pigs that have grown rapidly and been slaughtered young, we want a traditional animal that provides a range of cuts, each with its own diverse characteristics. After slaughter, our pork hangs on the bone for 3 weeks in a temperature controlled environment. This allows the meat to relax, flavour to maximise and excess fluid to evaporate. So you're guaranteed that the weight of meat you buy is actually meat, not fluid.

We first hang the meat for 3 weeks to obtain that typical, award-winning Pipers Farm succulence.

How to cook pork ribs

Pipers Farm pork ribs are the ideal slow-cooking cut. Braise them with plenty of stock (and a splash of cider) in a low oven in a lidded pan for a couple of hours and the meat will fall off the bone. It can then be used in pasta sauces, as a filling for steamed Chinese buns or in a hot-water crust pie.

Alternatively, roast them slowly in an oven bag with garlic, chilli, ginger, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, honey and Chinese 5-spice. Serve when the meat is super-tender and can be nibbled straight from the bone - very messy but exceptionally delicious.

You can also try your hand at making our sumptuous and heart warming Saddleback Rib Ragu.

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