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Rack of Lamb

Each rack of lamb contains 6 bones and weighs approximately 500g. We recommend 2 bones per person.

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Awarded 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2017.

Such a showstopper! Our racks of lamb are essentially the saddle fillet eye muscle left on the bone. The eye muscle is nestled along the spine so the bones attached are the rib bones, which our skilful butchers carefully cut down to a manageable size before French trimming and chining.

All our lambs are a Suffolk cross-breed. This breed grows beautifully with very little input, which is very much a part of how we ensure sustainability for future generations of our farms. We believe in low-input farming methods, making the most of the nature around us and growing all of our ruminant animals on just grass. They take a little longer to finish and so, could technically be classed as Hogget, but allows our lamb to benefit from a richer depth of flavour and better marbling as they are growing slower, and laying down better natural fat reserves.

How to cook a rack of lamb?

Such a special cut of meat is best cooked quickly, simply and left rare. Heat up your oven to 190°C whilst warming your favourite skillet on your hob. Rub a little oil and a good sprinkling of salt all over your rack of lamb and, once your pan it very hot, place it in and sear on all sides for a few minutes to seal it. The fat side down may take a little more cooking to ensure the fat is beginning to render before popping it in your oven for 10 minutes. It should be left pink in the middle.

The richness of this muscle means it has the robustness to work perfectly with strongly flavoured accompaniments, such as devilishly rich and creamy dauphinoise potatoes, blanched rainbow chard and mustard sauce.

Check this super simple recipe to delight your family and guests with a classic rack of lamb.

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