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Osso Bucco

We recommend 2-3 portions per 500g. 

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Translating from the Italian as 'bone with a hole', Pipers Farm Osso Bucco is cross cut from the shin of our free-range Devon Red Ruby cattle. The combination of this hard-working leg muscle with the bone and marrow makes an exceptional slow-cooking cut, full of flavour and distinctive character. Cooking on the bone keeps the meat succulent and imparts flavour, while the gelatinous marrow melts away (leaving the hollow bone that gives this cut its name), creating thick, glisteningly unctuous sauces. Osso Bucco is a robust piece of meat that's best known as a braising cut but which is versatile enough to carry punchy flavours and rich sauces.

The Devon Red Ruby cattle that produce all of our beef are a hardy, native breed with a long tradition of grazing the pastures and moorlands of the west country. We believe that the best beef comes from cattle that have eaten a natural diet of grass and grown at a natural pace. So we don't stuff our animals full of grain in an attempt to bulk them up quickly. That means their muscles grow strong with time and an active lifestyle and their powerful bones are sturdy and robust. A huge amount of the flavour and character that comes through in cooked meat is derived from the bones - especially in a cut like Osso Bucco - so leisurely growth is vital, and pays dividends.

How to cook Osso Bucco

Cook gently for 3 to 4 hours in a low oven with white wine, passata, vegetable stock and finely chopped vegetables for a classic Milanese dish. Partner it with delicate risotto or polenta and top with herby gremolata to cut through the richness.

Alternatively, try our stunning Asian-inspired Slow Cooked Soy & Ginger Beef recipe.

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