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We recommend 4-5 portions per kg.

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A classic family favourite, this versatile roasting joint is great value for money and lends itself to both fast and slow cooking.

Pipers Farm silverside is cut from the external muscle at the top of the hind leg. Because this is a muscle that has worked hard, the resulting meat has great grain and bite, with succulent flavour to go with it. Kept juicy by the subtle marbling within the meat this lean joint has no external fat.

At Pipers Farm all of our beef comes from Devon Red Ruby livestock, a breed of cows that's native to our part of the world. Native breeds are special, not just because of their long local heritage, but also because their traditional conformation has been preserved. While many continental beef breeds have been selectively bred to lay down meat on their hindquarters, our Red Rubies carry evenly distributed muscle throughout the carcass. This balanced carcass is slow-grown with the animals suckling mothers' milk for 8 months, then eating a natural diet of grass - this is what we call 100% grass fed beef. In Devon, our rich pasture and diverse moorland is an excellent natural resource and Red Rubies are well adapted to converting it to prime beef. We don't feed our cattle cereals because we don't have to. Grass is the only magic ingredient we need.

How to cook silverside

Beef silverside makes a great choice for a good old-fashioned roast dinner. You might not think this cut should be cooked quickly in a hot oven, but the quality of our beef means its depth of flavour and juicy texture will yield excellent result when the joint is served rare. A good dollop of horseradish and some crispy roast veg complete the perfect plateful. Equally, slow your silverside the traditional way for a couple of hours at a gentle heat for tender-as-can-be results. Good, rich beef stock and punchy red wine combine for the perfect silverside pot roast.

Check our recipe to impress your guests with The Perfect Silverside Roast.

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